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Recreation centers and Athletic Facilities can be some of the dirtiest places to be if the right cleaning service is not working for you. Thousands of people flock to recreational centers and Athletic Facilities every week to watch their favorite teams compete, team practice, or physical education classes. People like to walk into a clean environment. If a facility looks old and dirty and smells musty, it could prove to be environmentally hazard. Odors are the real affliction of any sports or athletic facility.Bone Dry Restoration and Cleaning, trained and certified to provide specialized cleaning services to keep your sports or athletic facility a healthy, safe, and clean environment.

Keeping your recreation and athletic facilities in a safe and sanitary condition allows your visitors to enjoy their visits and does not distract them from enjoying themselves and the event due to poor housekeeping.

If you're many facility managers and owners you’re probably not worried about drug resistant infections like MRSA, however, you should be if you are not confident with your current cleaning service is an important part of preventing the spread of just this type of infection. These infections are dangerous, are becoming more and more common, and very hard to prevent unless you have a truly comprehensive, cleaning service. There is also musty mold, bitter bacteria, sweat that creates the perfect beginnings for the spread of sickness and disease, if not handled properly.

LetBone Dry Restoration and Cleaning, Inc.assist you in the important job to prevent not just MRSA, but other infectious diseases that might be caused through lack of adequate cleaning and sanitation of your recreation center or sports/athletic facility.

Cleaning services in a recreation center, athletic facility, daycare can be Challenging. If the business, organization, or school is not prepared to handle the scope of the cleaning and sanitation needed in these facilities.Bone Dry Restoration and Cleaning, Inc.will address all of the needs of your facility.

We provide specialized cleaning and sanitizing services to Recreational, Sports, and Daycare Facilities in Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding areas of North Florida and South Georgia. Call us today at (850) 878-6469 or send us an e-mail to

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